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“Hearing the Reverend’s words set to music was so moving. Art, in all its forms, continues to be the gateway into truly understanding the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit.”

“So much more than a concert…”

“It is like a string of pearls. Each pearl is created in its own oyster, and when artfully strung together by the poet, created a beautiful necklace.”

“What an amazingly moving and challenging evening. The quality and creativity of the musical score as well as the voice, instrumental and spoken word performances were astounding.”

“What a beautiful “service” tonight… It was such an imaginative creation with the format you found much more fitting to the content than a regular concert presentation would have been.”

“What a wonderful tribute to an amazing man and his legacy!”

“A great man was supremely honored by one of the most sublime musical experiences of song and spoken word I’ve ever seen.”

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